Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Well everyone this is what i did this week:
This is me and Stevie at the Rodeo:) i love the rodeo! 
We went three times this year. They were all pretty exciting. 
We sat there most of the night and argued about which horse was the prettiest. ha ha
My favorites are barrel racing and bull riding! 
I love barrel racing because its what the ladies do. 
And i love bull riding because its so intense! i love watching all the guys flying off the bulls:)
its so fun

We also went horse back riding this week. Its one of my favorite things to do!
This is Ace in the picture. Hes a beast. Me and Stevie had to both ride on Ace this time. 
Poor guy! ha ha  There other horses were off getting bred so there will be little mule babies!
We rode up in the foothills and took a picnic. 
Here is Stevie with Ace. 
It was so pretty up there! its all green and there are tons of wild flowers growing. 
We didnt see much wild life, just a GIANT scary snake! 
 Heres us after our picnic. 
It was so much fun! I want to go again!

And I also got new bedding at Cabelas! Its so cute! 
Its pink camo!!! 
Yes! well thanks for reading:)


  1. Pink camo?! hahahahaha!! Youre goofy ;) It looks like you guys had lots of fun!! I want to go to the rodeo. I wonder if there will be one going on someone near you when I come...

  2. Yea for summer to finally be here! You have lots of fun things planned for this summer- I'm pretty jealous of you :) and your bedding! I love how it motivates you to make your bed :D xoxoxo