Thursday, March 24, 2011

We have a WINNER!!!:)

Well i decided which dress to get and bought it the other day:) it has always been my favorite but i wanted to see which ones you guys liked the best. 
And the Winner is..... 
(drum role)
Dress #5:)

i bought it off the internet so i will post cuter pictures of me in it later. 
thanks for the votes:)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Prom is coming up! 
its on April 30 so ive started my looking for a cute prom dress:) 
Me and my mom went to the mall last week and we found only 2 stores that had prom dresses! Thats so crazy you think they would have more! But in Deb they didnt have my size. They were all too big and alyssas bridal had all the same dresses as they did last year and they are all like $400 dollars. So i have been looking on the internet and these are the ones that i like. They all are going to need a sweater or something but go ahead and vote on which one you like the best:)
dont ask me why some of their faces are blurred:)

Friday, March 11, 2011

what BIG teeth you have:)

WARNING!: do not scroll down if you get sick easily or are vegetarian or something crazy like that!
If you don't then keep reading cause its pretty sweet!

This week in my dental class we are learning about surgical tools and different dental surgeries. 
We got to do cool things like learn how to do stitches on a hot dog and stuff but the coolest thing we got to do is take teeth out of a cow jaw! our teacher wanted us to see what it felt like for the doctor to extract teeth so that we would know how to help him. 

Sorry i know it is pretty disgusting but it was awesome! 
Cow teeth are weird. they aren't single teeth like ours they are all kind of fused together so we had to saw them apart. they were also really ground down. 

Here is a picture of us working on the jaw. The surgical tools are HUGE compared to the regular tools use in dentistry. 

And here is the final outcome. Look at those roots!  
Sorry the pictures were so nasty but i hope you thought it was as cool as i did!

Monday, March 7, 2011

My First Post! About Teeth!

Well hello everyone! I have started my own blog! yay! 
I decided for my first post I would write about my favorite thing that i have doing lately:) 
This year i have been going to MATC for dental assisting. It is my favorite thing to do ever! Teeth amaze me so much and i love the feeling of being in the chair assisting the dentist. So i decided to show you some pictures of the cool things i have been doing in my class!

This is a model of someones teeth. It is a pretty complicated process to get a perfect model like this. I love this model though because the teeth are so perfect and beautiful! (i had to color the teeth to show the different surfaces)

This picture is my model again but i did a filling on its tooth. Fillings are more complicated then i thought too!

This is a syringe that i put together. Even though we cant numb anyone we still have to learn how to put everything together (dental assistants do the most work in the offices) we were learning how to assemble them and then our teacher had us give shots to oranges:)

We get to learn about all the specialties too so in this one we did the orthodontist chapter and i got to put these braces on this mouth. Braces are so fun to put on! But not that fun to wear....

and this last one is me at my intern after i assisted my dentist for the first time with a cavity. it was so special that they had to take a picture for me:) ha ha i especially like the kid in the chair. 

Well that is all for now, but im sure i will post more later! 
thanks for reading!