Monday, March 7, 2011

My First Post! About Teeth!

Well hello everyone! I have started my own blog! yay! 
I decided for my first post I would write about my favorite thing that i have doing lately:) 
This year i have been going to MATC for dental assisting. It is my favorite thing to do ever! Teeth amaze me so much and i love the feeling of being in the chair assisting the dentist. So i decided to show you some pictures of the cool things i have been doing in my class!

This is a model of someones teeth. It is a pretty complicated process to get a perfect model like this. I love this model though because the teeth are so perfect and beautiful! (i had to color the teeth to show the different surfaces)

This picture is my model again but i did a filling on its tooth. Fillings are more complicated then i thought too!

This is a syringe that i put together. Even though we cant numb anyone we still have to learn how to put everything together (dental assistants do the most work in the offices) we were learning how to assemble them and then our teacher had us give shots to oranges:)

We get to learn about all the specialties too so in this one we did the orthodontist chapter and i got to put these braces on this mouth. Braces are so fun to put on! But not that fun to wear....

and this last one is me at my intern after i assisted my dentist for the first time with a cavity. it was so special that they had to take a picture for me:) ha ha i especially like the kid in the chair. 

Well that is all for now, but im sure i will post more later! 
thanks for reading!


  1. Hey I like it!! Who knew you could like teeth so much? ;) That's awesome!! I'm way excited for you and your teeth doing stuff! I'm excited that you have already found something you are interested in that can turn into a career! You're an awesome possum!! I will now put your blog site on my sidebar. :)

  2. Yea for a blog! Now I can keep up with you and your busy life! xoxoxo

  3. Sierra, I love your blog...even the cow teeth post. Keep it up. Before you know it you will have a whole bunch of stuff recorded for posterity...or just to entertain yourself. I love that you love teeth. My first job out of college was in the shipping department of a dental lab in Provo. After that teeth kind of fascinate me too.

  4. That's really cool! One of my friends actually just started at MATC for dental assisting, too! That looks like it was a neat first experience in the dental lab! Take Luck!! (I love Brian Regan too!)