Sunday, March 20, 2011


Prom is coming up! 
its on April 30 so ive started my looking for a cute prom dress:) 
Me and my mom went to the mall last week and we found only 2 stores that had prom dresses! Thats so crazy you think they would have more! But in Deb they didnt have my size. They were all too big and alyssas bridal had all the same dresses as they did last year and they are all like $400 dollars. So i have been looking on the internet and these are the ones that i like. They all are going to need a sweater or something but go ahead and vote on which one you like the best:)
dont ask me why some of their faces are blurred:)


  1. After looking at them all- I still like your favorite one :) But I'll keep that to myself to make it a fair vote :)

  2. my favorite is number 2!!! but i know you will look gorgeous in any of them!

  3. Here's Tony and mine advice/idea's. We really like #2, but it would not look as good with a sweater over it as some of the others. Also you have a fairer complexion, and #2 may wash you out. We like #5 because it would probably look better with something over it and is better colored for your skin and hair. Are you buying these or making them? If you are making them or buying and can pick out the color, it may add a whole new playing field :) Good luck! hehehe

  4. PS. When everyone's voted I want to know which one was your favorite. Mom and her secrets!! Sheesh! :)